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African Legal Support Facility – Chief Legal Counsel Operations

Position title: African Legal Support Facility – Chief Legal Counsel Operations Grade: PL3/4 Position N°: NA Reference: ADB/14/002 Publication date: 24/02/2014 Closing date: 16/03/2014 The African Legal Support Facility (“ALSF” or the “Facility”) is an international organization established by Treaty on December 15, 2008.  The Facility is temporarily housed at the African Development Bank (“AfDB”) in Tunis, Tunisia.  Its membership is open to (a) all AfDB member states; (b) other states; (c) AfDB; and (d) other international organizations or institutions.  ALSF’s main objectives include: (i) assisting AfDB’s Regional Member Countries (RMCs) address litigation brought against them by vulture funds (and other such entities); (ii) creating an avenue for AfDB’s RMCs to access technical advice when negotiating complex commercial transactions (especially in the area of infrastructure and natural resources); and (iii) investing in and organizing the training of legal counsel from participating RMCs to equip them with legal expertise necessary to better represent their countries. The institutional structure of the Facility consists of (i) the Governing Council, (ii) the Management Board, and (iii) a Director.    The Governing Council is made up of representatives of the Facility’s member states, the Bank, and other international organizations.  Its functions include determining and approving policy, appointing the Management Board, authorizing replenishments of resources, and appointing external auditors.  The Management Board comprises five (5) persons appointed by the Governing Council and is responsible inter alia for approving the annual budgets and annual work programs, issuing By-laws, rules and regulations, and making decisions necessary to ensure the efficient and effective operations of the Facility, and overseeing the management of the Facility’s Endowment Fund and exercising of such powers as shall be delegated to it by the Governing Council

Region Projects Sales Manager Job

– Identify large and strategic project opportunities in his region. Then, work closely with the HHS Central team and the region sales team to define the best strategy for winning those projects either directly or in partnership with packagers, construction companies, consultants, suppliers etc..

Analyst Job

Job Number: 1919240 Business: GE Capital Business Segment: Capital – Aviation Financial Services About Us: GECAS, the U.S.

Treasury Officer

Position title: Treasury Officer Grade: PL-6 Position N°: NA Reference: ADB/13/904 Publication date: 01/08/2013 Closing date: 21/08/2013 The organizational unit is the cash Management Unit of Treasury Operations and Banking Relationship Division (FTRY2) of the Treasury Department.

Chief Evaluation Officer

Position title: Chief Evaluation Officer Grade: PL-3 Position N°: 50076316 Reference: ADB/13/112 Publication date: 19/07/2013 Closing date: 08/08/2013 The core mandate of the Bank’s Evaluation Department is to conduct independent evaluation studies, provide relevant lessons, develop and harmonize standards and practices, support evaluation capacity development together with partner agencies and attest to the validity of both processes and the results of self-evaluation activities. Under the general supervision of the Director of OPEV, the job holder will perform the following duties and responsibilities: Lead/Conduct and manage Private sector evaluations that are impartial, independent, credible and meet professional standards and ensure that evaluations are useful and address strategic issues Plan and carry out high level evaluations of the Bank’s interventions, policies and cross-cutting themes, ensuring that such evaluations meet relevant Private sector evaluation quality standards; Plan, lead and supervise professional evaluation teams (including both staff and consultants) undertaking evaluation activities; Develop/adapt methodological approaches and ensure that appropriate and up-to-date evaluation approaches and methods are applied; Plan and manage utilization of human and financial resources allocated to each evaluation, and monitor and report on the use of resources giving due attention to efficiency and economy; During the evaluation process, engage regularly Bank’s Management and staff both at headquarter and field office level; Guide Evaluation Officers in the preparation of high level evaluations, including (i) definition of the approach paper, preparation of the portfolio, quality-at-entry, literature and policy reviews, as well as case studies, and writing-up of final report, (ii) activities linked to the procurement and management of consultants; Provide guidance to Staff and other stakeholders, including RMC representatives, to ensure that the OPEV’s approach is aligned with the Bank’s overall policies and rules, including commitments under the Paris Declaration and other high-level agreements on harmonization and management for results, and lead dialogue in these areas when appropriate; Develop and review policies, guidance, systems, procedures and tools related to Private sector high-level evaluations, in collaboration with the Lead expert; Carry out peer review to ensure that evaluations conducted by other OPEV staff meet high professional standards in line with AfDB’s Evaluation Policy; Prepare clear and synthetic evaluation reports, including a summary version to the standard required by the Bank’s Committee on Development Effectiveness (CODE), concisely presenting evaluation findings, lessons, conclusions and recommendations. Promote the evaluation function in the Bank and Regional Member Countries (RMCs) and ensure that evaluation results are made widely known Ensure effective and appropriate communication of evaluation findings, lessons, conclusions and recommendations to the relevant stakeholders; Lead or manage review, analysis, and commenting on documents prepared by Country and Sector Departments and other Units of the Bank to ensure that lessons of experience are duly incorporated in the design of Bank Group policies and operations; Represent OPEV in the relevant fora within the Bank to ensure that relevant and useful evaluation lessons are reflected in policies and strategies and in the design and implementation of projects or programmes; Prepare evaluation summaries and presentations for wide communication of evaluation results; Organize meetings, workshops and other discussion fora to establish dialogue on evaluation results; Prepare oral or written answers to enquiries about OPEV’s evaluation work; Represent OPEV in relevant conferences, workshops, seminars etc within the Bank and elsewhere, seeking to ensure that evaluation perspectives and results are given due consideration; Arrange/contribute to evaluation training and evaluation capacity building in the Bank and in RMCs, including preparation of suitable training material.

Senior Legal Counsel (Public Sector) – GECL.1

Position title: Senior Legal Counsel (Public Sector) – GECL.1 Grade: PL-5 Position N°: 50071281 Reference: ADB/13/105 Publication date: 18/07/2013 Closing date: 10/08/2013 The principal objective of the Legal Services Department (GECL) is to protect the interests of the Bank.  In this connection, the Department provides legal services required by the entities constituting the Bank Group, and ensures that the Bank Group’s activities and operations are consistent with its constitutive documents and other applicable legal texts, as well as applicable law.   The main activities of the Division is to provide legal support, advice, and services in connection with public sector transactions, projects and programs financed by the African Development Bank (ADB), the African Development Fund (ADF) and other special vehicles such as trust funds and special funds (Together the “Bank Group”)

Principal Legal Counsel (Private Sector Operations) – GECL.2

Position title: Principal Legal Counsel (Private Sector Operations) – GECL.2 Grade: PL- 4 Position N°: 50062600 Reference: ADB/13/104 Publication date: 08/07/2013 Closing date: 25/07/2013 General Counsel and Legal Services Department (GECL) : GECL provides legal services to the statutory organs of the Bank and the Fund.  In addition, GECL provides legal advice on the administration, operations and financial activities of the Bank.  GECL also ensures that the activities and operations of the Bank are consistent with the constitutive documents and other legal instruments of the Bank, its policies, the relevant norms and principles of international and commercial law, and the best practices of development finance institutions. Private Sector Division (GECL2) : The Private Sector Division’s advises on private sector transactions and other initiatives mostly originated by the Bank’s private sector operations department (OPSM).  Most of the transactions include non-sovereign loans, guarantees, project finance, syndicated loans, equity participations and trade finance.  Under the direct supervision of the Division Manager, Private Sector Operations (GECL.2), the incumbent will be responsible for the following activities in connection with the Private Sector activities of the Bank: Conducting legal due diligence on proposed transactions such as the review of project documents and agreements (including development or construction contracts, supplier agreements, concession agreements, joint venture agreements, management agreements and shareholders’ agreements etc), constitutive documents of proposed borrowers/investee funds and review of local regulatory requirements; Liaising and collaborating with staff in the private sector operations, finance and environmental and social departments to develop the appropriate terms and conditions of each transaction, ensuring compliance with Bank’s policies; Participating in project appraisal missions and reviewing project concept notes, project appraisal reports, drafting board resolutions; Drafting and/or reviewing, negotiating and finalising all legal documentation relevant to the proposed transaction, including term sheets, loan agreements, lines of credit agreements, common terms agreements, guarantee agreements, participation agreements, inter-creditor agreements, security documentation, assignment agreements and information memoranda etc, depending on the nature of the project and the type of financing;   Advising on transaction structure and documentation for private equity investments by the Bank to ensure compliance with Bank policies and practice as well as applicable laws including drafting and/or reviewing shareholders agreements, partnership agreements, management agreements, co-investment agreements, subscription agreements etc Providing legal support for the implementation and monitoring of projects after signing and disbursement, including advising on waiver requests, approval requests and project work-outs; Liaising with co-lenders/investors, partners and external counsel as and when needed; and Undertaking such other assignments as required in furtherance of the Department’s mandate

Principal Budget Officer – Policy & Processes

Position title: Principal Budget Officer – Policy & Processes Grade: PL4 Position N°: 50069403 Reference: ADB/13/102 Publication date: 02/07/2013 Closing date: 22/07/2013 The primary role of the Programming and Budget Department (COBS) is to coordinate the planning, implementation and monitoring of Bank-wide programming and budgeting processes. Under the general supervision of the Director, Programming and Budget Department, the Principal Budget Officer is responsible for formulating, developing, coordinating and implementing activities related to Budget Policy and Processes. His/her duties includes: Set up the necessary regulatory framework and develop budget policy documents to guide the programming and budgeting process (planning, execution, accountability, budget transfers & authority, etc.) for the Bank Group Develop and update budget manuals, guidelines and policy documents Design, document and update budget processes and procedures document Review the cost allocation framework and harmonise all the concepts to facilitate and stabilise Bank Group budgeting and reporting

Regional Chief CGSP Officer

Position title: Regional Chief CGSP Officer Grade: PL-3 Position N°: 50065410 Reference: ADB /13/089 Publication date: 21/06/2013 Closing date: 11/07/2013 The incumbent is representing the Corporate General Services and Procurement Department (CGSP) in the EARC in support of the decentralization roadmap. The incumbent shall oversee all the CGSP departmental activities in the EARC including all the field offices (FOs): BIFO, ETFO, SDFO, SDFO (S), TZFO, RWFO, and UGFO within the Eastern African region. To lead and oversee the general services and corporate procurement activities at the Regional Resource Center in Nairobi (EARC) and designated Field Offices in accordance with the Delegation of Authority Matrix (DAM).  To formulate, implement and monitor policies and programs relating to the corporate procurement of goods, services, real estate and works, maintenance of the Bank’s fixed assets and equipment, facility management as well as travel, logistics, communication and hospitality services for the welfare of the Bank staff

Senior Program Assistant

Position title: Senior Program Assistant Grade: GS 8 Position N°: NA Reference: ADB/13/088 Publication date: 13/06/2013 Closing date: 30/06/2013 The African Development Bank’s East Africa Regional Resource Center in Nairobi, Kenya (EARC) has been established to strengthen dialogue between the Bank and regional Governments, development partners, the private sector, and the civil society, in the design of its development policy and programs, as well as on implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the poverty reduction strategy. The office also seeks to assist the operational functions of the Bank Group in launching and follow up of projects and programs in Kenya